Articles on Antique Oriental and European ceramics and Works of Art

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Antique Chinese ceramics and Works of Art

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Antique Japanese ceramics and Works of Art

  • Anthony Gray: Antique Japanese Porcelain
  • Irene Finch: Some of my Favourite Pieces (Irene Finch has a large collection of pieces from 1720-1820, the “lost century”. She has used her knowledge of Japanese ceramics and her collection to draw up categories and begin an analysis of this “Lost Century”, the 100 years between Japan’s two great export periods, and is the author of three books on the subject, “The Lost Century”, “Japanese Shonsui in Evolution” and “Evolution of the Spiral Fuku and Coloured Shonsui in Japan”. Her collection has also been exhibited at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, the National Museums of Scotland and the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath.)
  • Irene Finch: Konnyaku
  • Experienced Collector: Antique Japanese Cloisonne
  • Amanda Bell: Japanese Blue and White Kakiemon
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Antique European ceramics and Works of Art

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Antique Indian and Islamic ceramics and Works of Art

Antique Korean ceramics and Works of Art

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