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Selling Antique Porcelain Direct or by Auction - Guest and Gray

Selling Antique Porcelain Direct or by Auction

We are always interested in buying suitable items or we can also sell them on your behalf. In the case of items that have been purchased from us in the past we are always happy to reoffer them on our website. If items have not been purchased from us then we can offer them subject to the pieces being suitable in terms of quality, age and price. We will not offer items where the attribution is suspect. In general we will not sell ceramics produced subsequent to about 1800 AD but there are exceptions especially in the case of Chinese Imperial porcelian.

We value our reputation so we endeavour to run our business fairly. The buyer has to be confident that goods offered on our website are as described.

We can sell collections by auction if the collection has a value exceeding £250,000. The seller will not be charged any commission. This is an offer any other saleroom will find difficult to beat. For further details on selling your collection please contact us.

Selling at Auction

Auction prices can sometimes be extremely erratic. Other than pure chance there are other factors worth considering.

  • Time of year when an auction takes place.
  • The reputation and the expertise of the auction house
  • The quality of the cataloguing.
  • If the auction house stands by its attributions; many don’t
  • What other events (antique fairs) or auctions are taking place at the time of an auction.
  • The provenance; famous collections or to some extent items bearing the labels of reputable dealers (but keep in mind that dealers and collectors labels are now being copied).
  • The state of the market.