Imperial Deep Blue Faceted Glass Bottle Vase
Cantonese Carved Ivory Frame, of Oval Form
Agate Snuff Bottle, 19th Century
Anglo-Indian Ivory, Horn and Sandalwood Chess Set
Black Lacquer Octagonal Games Box and Mother of Pearl Counters
Bronze Figure of Buddha, 12th-13th Century
Brown Soapstone Boulder Seal
Canton Enamel and Wood Caddy, Qianlong (1736-95)
Canton Enamel Circular Dish, Late Qianlong (1736-95)
Canton Enamel Ewer in Islamic Style, Qianling (1736-95)
Canton Enamel Hors D'Hoeuvre Set, Qianlong (1736-95)
Canton Enamel Hors D'Oeuvre Set, Qianlong (1736-95)
Canton Enamel Inkwell, Qianlong (1736-95)
Canton Enamel Quatrefoil Ewer and Cover, Qianlong (1736-95)
Canton Enamel Quatrelobed Tray, Late Qianlong (1736-95)
Canton Enamel Shell Basin and Ewer, Mid 18th Century
Canton Enamel Tea Caddy and Cover, Circa 1760
Carved Ivory Casket with Hinged Cover Mid 19th Century
Cast Bronze Censer, 18th/19th Century, with Two Loop Handles
Cloisonne Model of a Crane, Qianlong (1736-1795)
Cloisonné Snuff Bottle and Cover, 19th Century
Cloisonne Stupa, Early 18th Century
Enamel Quatrefoil Tray, Qianlong (1736-95)
Exceptionally Large Pair of Chinese Canton Hexagonal Enamel Teapots
Fine 18th Century Chinese Yixing Hexagonal Teapot and Domed
Fine and Rare Cantonese Ivory Cribbage Box and Board
Fine Canton Enamel Dish Early Qianlong(1736-1795)
Hair Crystal Snuff Bottle, 19th Century, of Ovoid Form
Ivory Carved Box, 19th Century
Jade Pendant, 18th-19th Century
Kingfisher Jewellery Sold
Lac Burgauté Square-Section Miniature Tray
Pair of Chinese Bronze Buddhist Lion Scroll Weights
Pair of Chinese Canton Enamel Jardinières
Pair of Chinese Cloisonné Baluster Vases, Early 19th Century
Pair of Early Hexagonal Canton Enamel Trays
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