Dr. Desiree Muzicant Vienna I met Louise and Anthony some 10 years ago, around the same time that I first discovered Chinese Porcelain. I was completely inexperienced and ignorant about the subject, but curious to learn more I travelled to a Chinese Art Auction in Amsterdam. It was there that I met Louise and Anthony and later went to London and purchased a number of interesting pieces wisely recommended to me by Anthony. I learned a great deal from Anthony and Louise’s huge knowledge and years of experience as well as the passion they both have for antiques and art in general, was and still is very reassuring. It is always a great pleasure to come back!”
David Diebold USA  “I am very happy to respond to a note in your recent electronic update of your stock, asking your customers to share their experiences over the years. Certainly I am pleased to record that ever since I first came calling on you about 20 years ago, when I was posted at the US Embassy around the corner on Grosvenor Square, I have always found it a great pleasure to deal with Guest & Gray, both offline in those early days and later online as I moved around the world and, now, from Beijing. I have bought many lovely and rare things from you over the years, all of which we still treasure save only one lovely plate that was regrettably stolen with some other things from our flat in London a number of years ago. Well, we still treasure the memory of that too. I am always hoping I will stumble upon it. All of the things we bought from you over the years have been of the highest quality, and consistently so. Items pictured on your website have been as stated, and your descriptions of age, condition, things like age cracks and repairs, colour, other markings, have always been accurate and reliable. I would offer my opinion that anyone could buy online from you, with confidence. Your prices have always been reasonable; indeed I could provide a long list of things that I wish I had bought from you. Alongside the ones I have. So, as you can tell, I am a happy customer who has had a very satisfactory experience over many years. Above all, and I should not forget to add, you have both also been wonderful friends too. With every good wish for your continued success, alongside the hope that I will get back to London to see you both again, very soon. While I always enjoy keeping in touch from afar, as your messages come in, I do miss seeing you in person.”
George Davidson USA  “I have been purchasing antiques from Guest and Gray for a decade. I have found them to be very knowledgeable and forthright. They are willing to share their views not just about their pieces but about values and prices in the industry generally. I believe their prices are fair and reflect their long-standing presence in the field. I am happy to be one of their customers”.
John Williams Manchester  “Guest and Gray were a pleasure to deal with – the Kangxi plates I bought arrived beautifully wrapped in perfect condition and exactly as described. No hesitation whatsoever in recommending this company – efficient, honest and I will certainly be back for more from them.”
Ian Glasspool  “In the five years during which I have been purchasing items from Guest and Gray I have always found their catalogue descriptions to be accurate and the items to have been sensibly priced. While their web site can clearly reach a wider audience, I have always found it most instructive to visit their London shop were lively discussion and prompt service and courteous attention is the order of the day. I set great store by the quality of their advice and much value to the purchases I have made from them.”
J. Louis Binder, Hon.  “I have enjoyed my experiences purchasing important Chinese Export Porcelain (CEP) during the last 18 years from you. I have had the good fortune to shop in your store at Grays in the Mew, and at the Grovesnor Fair in London;and, in the last few years purchasing from your extraordinary website. I most enjoy the opportunity to visit the website, as you constantly are presenting wonderful CEP with great pictures and exact conditions. Your communication by email and phone are great, and shipping was speedy and well done. All in all, my experience with you has been extraordinary, and I highly recommend any serious CEP collector to avail themselves of your offerings. In my estimate you are one the finest CEP Dealers in the world.”
Jane Selfe. “I cannot remember exactly when I bought my first piece of porcelain from guest and gray or what stimulated the contact. it was several years ago and must have been something I saw on the Internet. I did have some comfort level initially because I was familiar with grays mews, their location, in London as I had picked up things there over the years. all my dealings with the company have been very pleasant and totally satisfactory. easy transactions make a huge difference. they have good packing and shipping expertise–a must when dealing with long distances. I have recommended them to my friends and their dealings have been just great. I would not hesitate to go forward with them.”
Gavin Huxtable Birmingham, Alabama “I strongly recommend Guest and Gray, and their website “chinese-porcelain-art.com”, to any lovers of unusual and beautiful antiques. I purchased from them over a year ago, and I remain very pleased with what I bought. It arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Exactly as pictured and described.”
David Overall “Have dealt with Guest and Gray over the years and found them easy to do business with and always turning up exciting and genuine pieces. I always consider them when looking to add to my own inventory.”
Dr Ric Bradford Houston, Texas “Louise Guest and Anthony Gray have been a valuable source of museum quality 17th and 18th century Spanish talavera, enhancing my collection over the past four years. I have found their descriptions consistently accurate and have been personally delighted with each acquisition! They are scholarly and personable leaders in the international community of ceramics enthusiasts. I eagerly anticipate their future contributions to my collection!”
Dave Kingrea Atlanta, GA “My wife and I have been delighted customers of Guest and Gray since 1996. We collect Chinese export porcelain, primarily from the Ming and Khang Hsi period, and have found Guest and Gray to be our favorite London source. We have found Anthony and Louise to be very knowledgeable, and we enjoy just visiting with them. It has become more of a visit with friends than simply a purchase. It’s the first place we go when we visit London. I appreciate a good value for the money, and in my opinion, Anthony and Louise provide the best overall package of quality, knowledge, service and value.”
Eileen Atlanta GA  “I have known Anthony and Louise not only as dealers but as friends for over 30 years. Every time we are in London, in addition to stopping by to see what is new, we always make sure we have time for at least a lunch if not a dinner together. They have been instrumental in helping me with my collection of Chinese Blue and White porcelain. I always find their advice to be sound and their knowledge to be unsurpassed. Anthony and Louise have tremendous knowledge of the market and the relationship each piece has to the whole. It is always a pleasure to get one of their e-mails advising me of some new and hitherto unknown piece of blue and white that has to become a part of my collection regardless of how tight my budget is at the time. To have a 30 year business relationship and remain good friends is a testament to their character, honesty and since of humor. I think you would enjoy working with them and getting to know them as my husband, Bo, and I have.”
Dr Julie Krause Cincinnati, Ohio “I was first brought to Guest and Gray by my father, an avid antiques collector, who had been a customer of theirs for many years. When I started collecting Chinese and Japanese porcelain my father taught me that there is no dealer with a better array of fine and truly unique offerings than Guest and Gray. They understood that as someone beginning to collect I had specific areas of interest and went out of their way to help me start building a quality collection that, except for the exchange rate, was surprisingly affordable. I have since travelled back to London on my own on one or two occasions and always make time to get to Gray’s Mews- I never regret it!”
Dr Philip Wood East Anglia  “I first visited Guest and Gray in late 2003, having found their website by chance. They had an armorial plate which I recognised as one I had seen in a country house sale 3 years previously but, to my regret, not been in a position to buy. I made the first of many visits to their shop, bought the plate, and began a relationship which, for me, has been productive, instructive and immensely pleasurable. I began with an interest in European porcelain but defy anyone to enter their shop and not come out fired by their enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, oriental porcelain. Since then I have come to value their advice and expertise, and have never regretted a purchase nor felt it necessary to question their judgement. So far as oriental porcelain is concerned, I am a novice but, nevertheless, feel in safe hands. I now regard them not only as dealers but as friends also and a visit to their shop, with its ever-changing stock, remains one of discovery and enjoyment.”
Eurico Cavaleiro de Andrade Portugal  “Your site is excellent (lots of improvements all along the last 6/7 years), and I always learn something when going through your catalogue. My experience buying from you was good: correct description of proposed items, namely imperfections, and your price policy seems to me very competitive, with a good relation price/quality – not only for the items I bought from you but also for all your offered items. I am not an expert, but when I compare thatB4s the conclusion I get. I do not buy for some years because I do not have available space to expand my collection (“casualties”, let me say so, of pieces being kept outside the closets have been devastating, namely a wonderful Yongzheng doucai bowl in perfect condition). I am trying to get courage to sell some pieces and find place to renew my collection.”
Andrea Moreschi  “I am very happy to recommend your services. Your collections are among the highest quality and very historically detailed. I felt very confident purchasing from the website, and most assured by your knowledge and respect for each piece you sell. My items arrived professionally packed and very quickly at that. Thank You and I will surely purchase again. If you would like to give my email address to clients , that would be fine with me.”
Private Collector of Japanese & Chinese Porcelain UK “Guest and Gray produce an endless stream of rare and interesting items. Like so many other collectors I wish I had the space to indulge myself by purchasing all that Guest and Gray have had to offer. I value their judgement and advice. I have enjoyed all my visits to their shop. My regret is that by not visiting them more frequently I have missed out on some very desirable pieces. As Churchill observed, “Don’t worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older, it will avoid you.” I hope that my collecting will continue to offer temptation.”
Daniel Ginting collector from Indonesia I have been collecting Chinese porcelains for about 15 years with primary focus on celadon and blue and white from the Ming and Kangxi era. About six years ago I saw two beautiful pieces in Guest and Gray, a rare blue and white VOC dish and a large celadon censer with a very beautiful orchid in it! Those were my first purchase from the gallery. Over the years I have bought other pieces which are now nicely displayed in my home. I must say I'm quite impressed with the quality of porcelains being offered by Anthony and Louise. The amount of research that goes into description of each piece shows how responsible they are in this business. They introduced me to Famille Verte porcelain which I enjoy very much and reference books that could complement my collections. I found everyone working in the gallery to be very friendly, from Dillora, Amanda and Lucy and of course Anthony and Louise. As soon as this pandemic over I will make may way to the gallery again and enjoy a cup of coffee and cake as we usually do!