Ansbach Cold-Painted Faience Figure of Guanyin, Circa 1730
Frankfurt Faience Dish, Early 18th Century
French Faience Sinceny Circular Polychrome Dish Circa 1740; Blue
French Faience Tulip Vase, Mid 18th Century
French Jardiniere
German Blue and White Faience Tankard
Northern European Large Blue and White Tin Glazed Dish with A
German Faience Polychrome Tankard, 18th Century
French Faience Blue and Manganese Jar and Cover, Nevers
French St Clement Faience Tureen and Cover, 18/19th Century
German Westerwald Stoneware Tankard with Pewter Cover
Westerwald Salt-Glazed Tankard with Pewter Lid, 18th Century
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