Extremely Rare Pair of Chinese Wucai Ovoid Jars and Covers, Shunzhi (1644-1661)
Chinese Blue and White Figure of Zhongli Quan, Late 16th/Early 17th Century
Small Longquan Celadon Brush Washer, Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
An Exceptionally Well Painted Chinese Transitional Gu-Form Beaker Vase, Chongzhen (1627-1644)
Gilt-Lacquer Bronze Figure of Wenchang Wang, Late Ming (1368-1626)
Gold and Silver Inlaid Bronze Belt Hook, Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.)
Circular Bronze Mirror, Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.)
A Longquan Celadon-Glazed Shallow Dish, Yuan Or Early Ming Dynasty
Chinese Late Ming Bowl, Wanli (1573-1619)
Chinese Wucai Baluster 'Dragon' Vase, Chongzhen (1627-44)
Chinese Longquan Celadon Tripod Cense Ming Dynasty ( )
Kraak Blue and White Bottle Vase, Wanli (1573-1619)
Chinese Bowl, Late Ming (1368-1644), C.16th Century
Chinese Lead-Glazed Turquoise Figure of Guanyin, Late Ming
Junyao Saucer, Song/Yuan (960 - 1368)
Small Ribbed Celadon Jar, Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368)
Chinese Junyao Bowl with a Purple Splash; Song/Yuan (1279-1368)
Blue and White Kraak Double-Gourd Vase, Wanli (1573-1619)
Qingbai Bowl, Song (960 - 1279)
Blue and White Dish, Wanli (1573-1619)
A Small ‘Longquan’ Celadon Tripod Censer, Yuan Or Early Ming,
Large Swatow Dish, 17th Century
Longquan Celadon Dish, Ming Dynasty (1368-1626)
Chinese Blue and White Transitional Jar, Chongzhen (1628-1644)
Bronze Figure of Avalokiteshvara, Ming Dynasty (1368-1626)
Massive Chinese Kraak Dish, Wanli (1573-1619)
Conical Stoneware Bowl, Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
Chinese Blue and White Kendi, Wanli (1573-1619)
Massive Chinese Blue and White Kraak Charger, Wanli (1573-1619)
Silver Inlaid Bronze Belt Hook, Daigou, Warring States Period (480 B.C. -222 B.C.)
Blue and White Kraak Dish with Lobed Rim, Transitional Period (1620-1683)
Blue and White Klapmuts Bowl, Wanli (1573-1619)
Lacquered Wooden Box, Late Ming, Early 17th Century
Small Chinese Qingbai Jar and Cover, Northern Song, 12th Century
Blue and White Kraak Lobed Dish, Wanli (1573-1619)
Chinese Blue and White Kraak Bowl, Wanli (1573-1619)
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