Book Howard (D.S.) Chinese Armorial Porcelain
Book Bourne, Jonathan; Etc.
Book By G. St. G. M. Gompertz; Korean Pottery &Amp; Porcelain
Book Davies, Barry
Book Davies, Barry, 'Japanese Enamels of the Golden Age'
Book Earle, Joe, Flower Bronzes of Japan, (London, 1995).
Book Hickman, Money L. and Sato, Yasuhiro
Book Impey, Oliver
Book Impey, Oliver, 'The Art of the Japanese Folding Screen'
Book Irvine, Gregory, 'Japanese Cloisonné'
Book Keverne, Roger, Jade, (London, 1991)
Book Lee, Sherman E., a History of Far Eastern Art, (London
Book Lu Yaw (Curator)
Book Malik, Adam; Hsu, C. M.; Adhyatman, Sumarah
Book Medley, Margaret, the Chinese Potter, (Oxford, 1976)
Book Na Chih-Liang (Ed.)
Book Netsuke Masterpieces Abroad, Rokusho Vol.38
Book Okada, Barbra Teri
Book Prendergast, Jaeschke and Rumball
Book Roth, H. Ling, Oriental Silverwork: Malay and Chinese
Book 'Sawasa: Japanese Export Art in Black and Gold 1650-1800'
Book Schneider, Fredric T.
Book Special Exhibition Japanese Metalwork (1983
Book the Frederick M. Mayer Collection of Chinese Art
Book the Mount Trust Collection of Chinese Art (London
Book the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Ostasiatiska Museet)
Book Tresors D'Art Chinois: Recentes Decouvertes Archeologiques
Book Two Catalogues on Japanese Metalwork
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