A Baccarat Millefiori Glass Paperweight
A Baccarat Miniature Close-Packed Millefiori Glass Paperweight
A Facon De Venise Glass Goblet, 17th Century
An Opaque-Twist Champagne Glass, C.1760
Fine Galle Mushroom-Shaped Glass Lamp, Circa 1900
Superb Galle Glass Lamp, Circa 1900
Superb Galle Glass Vase, Circa 1900
Swiss Painted Glass Carafe, C. 1730
Venetian 'Vetro a Fili' Glass Jug 'Biberon', 17th Century
An English Cruciform-Shape Glass Decanter, Mould Blown
Baccarat Close Millefiore Weight, 1847
Baccarat Close Millefiori Paperweight, Dated 1848
English Drinking Glass, 18th Century
Set of Eight Wine Glasses with Gilded Decoration
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