Making a purchase

You can buy from our website confident that the items are as described.


Due to the number of pieces being offered it is difficult to list all imperfections but, where the condition is stated, it is generally accurate. However, we recommend that you contact us prior to making a purchase so we can double check the condition of a piece and provide a thorough condition report. We are happy to supply invoices with images of the item(s) purchased.


We accept payment by bank transfer or credit card, subject to our discretion. Payment by card in the case of long-distance purchases can be made via Worldpay pay-by-link. This last method entails clicking a link we send you and paying on the Worldpay website.


We can ship smaller pieces by Royal Mail, DHL and Federal Express. We do not charge for packing, but the customer has to pay for the shipping. If an item is too large to go in a Federal Express 25 Kg box, it will have to be packed and sent by one of our regular shippers.

Import duty

We recommend that for information on import duty you take a look at this duty calculator. We do not guarantee its accuracy, but we have found it to be reliable up to the present time.

For further information please contact us by telephone or email. In the case of customers who do not speak English but wish to contact us by telephone, please supply your telephone number so that you can have a conversation with us in your own language.

We do our best to keep you the customer happy and that is why many of our customers have been buying from us for over twenty years.