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Pearlware Group By John Walton of Burslem, 'Return From Egypt', C.1815

W407 W407
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W407 W407
W407 W407
Ref: W407

Pearlware group by John Walton of Burslem, 'Return from Egypt', c.1815, comprising Mary and the baby Jesus astride a donkey, Joseph leading, with a flowering palm in the background, the ground strewn with flowers and scroll reading 'Return From Egypt'.


Height: (20cm.) 7 5/8in


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'The Return From Egypt' refers to the section of the Canonical gospels which tells of the return of Jesus and his family to Nazareth after having fled to Egypt to escape Herod's bloody persecution. Such figures were the trademark of John Walton (active 1806-1835), who first appears in trade directories in 1818 when 'Earthenware Manufacturers' were first listed as a distinct group.