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Grisaille and Gilt 'Resurrection' Plate

Y695 Grisaille and gilt 'Resurrection' plate
Y695 Grisaille and gilt 'Resurrection' plate
Y695 Grisaille and gilt 'Resurrection' plate
Ref: Y695
Archive item - not for sale

Chinese grisaille and gilt 'Resurrection' plate, early Qianlong (1736-95), decorated in the centre with the resurrected Christ among billowing clouds, with Mary standing to the left, three small figures on the horizon to the right and four soldiers in the foreground, the border with scrolling tendrils, branches, formal leaves and berries in the style of the du Paquier period of Viennese porcelain, diameter: 9in., 22.8cm; condition: small chip to underside of rim, slight wear to enamels. These plates were usually produced in a series of four: the Nativity, the Crucifixion, The Resurrection and the Ascension. The three figures on the skyline to the right of the Resurrected Christ can also be found on a similar plate en grisaille and dated to c. 1740 in the MET museum collection. According to Howard and Ayers these three figures do not appear in Resurrection plates produced after 1745 and their absence signifies the rapid departure of the pattern from the European original. For more information and to see an illustrated example of a similar plate see Howard & Ayers, 'China for the West', Vol. I (1978), pp. 320-321, pl. 313. Also see, Jorg 'Chinese Export Porcelain', p. 166, pl. 159. SOLD